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To say that one has been born into the fashion industry, or that fashion runs in their veins is often an oversight. However, for designer Isabella Spataro, her love for fashion was planted deep within her before she could even read or write, leaving her talent to only flourish throughout the years.

Growing up in Colombia, Spataro stood at the side of her father as he ran his manufacturing company, which specialized in button-down shirts. Learning the manufacturing business from a young age, she realized the importance of quality construction when creating clothing. This idea was reinforced by her grandmother, who reminded her that a designer must be well-educated in production practices such as small design details, those that cannot be made through mass production.

While Spataro’s life seemed to revolve around creative practices, she was still torn regarding her career path. It wasn’t until a trip to Milan with her father that a Textile Fair, specifically a Trend Forecasting Room for designers, sparked her “aha” moment. “If I were to point out a point where I decided I wanted to pursue fashion, that would be it. I was so blown away by the whole experience that I came back home and started to work more on fashion illustrations than anything else.”

When given the opportunity to attend school at the Pratt Institute in New York City, Spataro made a commitment to herself that she would make the most out of her time in her new city. Interning for multiple fashion companies and even a publication, her experiences have taught her how to be a well-rounded designer, learning the importance of attention to detail, using computer programs, fashion styling and even consumer’s needs.

Acquiring a variety of skills has even shaped Spataro’s aesthetic as a designer, gaining a love for print techniques. “After all,” she said, “I want to create garments that are creative and unique in construction, without losing sight of the desirability for the consumer.”

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