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The vintage tee has come back with a vengeance as if to appease our ever-growing desire for the ‘normcore.’

Everywhere from the streets of New York City to Sydney to Seoul – the “cool girl” capitals of the world – this deceptively simple tee is dominating the street style scene. And, in true fashion form, has crept its way into some of the season’s most anticipated shows.

But will this statement tee be able to replace the normcore craze of the past? For the last several seasons, sneakers have been the staple to every outfit from work-wear to eveningwear and, based on what we’ve been seeing, it seems that even our most fashion-forward are more hesitant to pair the two. The rise of the vintage t-shirt just might mean the downfall of the sneaker as women are looking to add a more feminine touch to their tough girl tee through accessorizing. While sneakers and t-shirts coming back in style is every girl’s dream, pairing the two will be a rarity on the runway.

Nonetheless, street style-inspired vintage, or vintage-inspired, t-shirts have graced the runways of Chanel and Gucci’s Resort 2017 as well as Opening Ceremony’s Fall 2016. It also appeared in Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2016 shows and has made recurring appearances in Adam Selman’s shows over the last several seasons – one of Rihanna’s personal favorites.

As can be seen in Chanel’s runway show, the introduction of the t-shirt can be used to play down a more elegant look. The contrast of athletic wear – such as sneakers and a t-shirt – paired with more classically elegant pieces results in an interesting and eye-catching look. So, we may not need to say goodbye to our favorite footwear just yet.

All images provided by: Jonas Gustavsson/Fashionactive

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