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Two must-see talents during the spring/summer 2017 shows

Sure, the fashion industry’s abuzz with the return of Tom Ford and Raf Simons recent installation at Calvin Klein. Even the most seasoned of editors would be hard-pressed to recall a time when so much excitement surrounded New York Fashion Week. For most of the seasons in recent memory, they’ve moaned and groaned about the scale of the event: “too big!” they’ve cried. “Unmanageable!” And with off-the-grid presentations spilling over into the 10-day mark (what happened to the “week” in “Fashion Week”), what’s a young talent to do when the very audience he or she is aiming to attract has already departed for London or Milan?

Well, with some of the biggest names around choosing to scale back seating or venture into new presentation mediums (hello, Instagram!) that once daunting schedule is suddenly looking a lot more manageable. My recommendation? Cover as much ground as possible, of course, and if you come across a label that’s new to you, check it out! I’ll get you started with two designers, who, while not quite household names, have strong followings and individual aesthetics which should prove a recipe for success:

Mimi Plange:

The Ghanaian-born designer, who founded her eponymous line in New York, blends African tradition with luxury American sportswear. Plange refers to her guiding principle as “the Democratization of Luxury” and has found fast fans among Andre Leon Talley, Michelle Obama and Princess Astrid of Belgium. The designer’s quilted leather looks, inspired by tribal scarring, are particularly compelling.

Taoray Wang:

Though she already boasts a strong following in her native China with her line Broadcast:bo, Taoray Wang has her sights set on the Big Apple as well. Wang landed at NYFW last season with a strong debut for her namesake line that featured softly tailored suiting with origami-like lapels and the occasional obi belt in a nod to her training at Japan’s Tokyo Mode Gakeun. Wang aims to make a more permanent footprint in the city this fall with her first NYC outpost.

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All images courtesy of Mimi Plange and Taoray Wang

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