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Is it ‘gray’ or is it ‘grey’? One of life’s greatest mysteries – also the meaning behind GRAEY STUDIO – Brainchild of Storm Ritter, Owner and Founder of Graey Studio. Graey is a place to find original unisex apparel, unique vintage, painted clothing and custom art.   What IS Graey? GRAEY is all about being rebellious, having it both ways, being you.  The funny thing is, there is NO gray to be found in the store. Everything is bursting with color – which makes the name extra ironic.

Imagine being born into a family of artists, where your dad builds you a treehouse complete with working air conditioning (Every child’s DREAM) and your mom is a painter. Of course you would be crawling out of the womb ready to create.  And that is exactly how it all started for Storm.

After years of working in the fashion and entertainment industry, Storm realized she had little spare time to work on her own creative projects and that’s when she realized it was time to work for herself. She says “You learn more by working for yourself…you are constantly trying to find what makes you happy.”  For Storm, it’s all about finding a balance and making time for art.  Realizing this – she then went on to make an online screen print t-shirt company – and that is when the beginnings of Graey Studio was born.  This endeavor later turned into her immersive studio space/shop in the West Village.

Upon walking into Graey studio, you may find Storms cat perched in her throne in the window wearing a Graey Studio original gown.  You will see incredible curated vintage, upcycled painted pieces and Storms incredible art printed on crop tops, skirts, dresses, t-shirts- you name it.  Not to mention the ENTIRE shop is painted wall to wall by Storm herself.  Prepare to get lost in the visually breathtaking ambiance of the shop before you even begin to peek around and check out the clothing. “I look at the world with a sense of distortion and juxtaposition. I hope to rekindle an innovative sense of sense-of-self for visitors, shoppers, and clients”.

Upstairs, Storm paints both the clothing and wall art that is sold in the store.  The entire experience is one more like a museum than a store.  Storm does all the creating in this space, which back in the 1930’s actually used to be a part of the Whitney Museum (fun fact!) So it is so connected to what Storm does here – create, make art and share art.  “…rooted in surrealism and rock -n-roll, Graey Studio is a place to discover creative rebellion.”

There are currently about 50 designs being sold printed on Unisex clothing at Graey Studio, as well as wall art, custom painted clothing (Storm paints designer and vintage clothing bringing each piece a new uniqueness and story), and curated vintage.  You can visit the shop in New York City, 14 West 8th Street.

Photos by Alissa Laderer

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