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Dynamic, athletic and fierce – all in 5+ inch heels!  Though you may know this American high-fashion shoe designer, Ruthie Davis, by her sexy silhouettes and eye-catching shoe designs, she can now be seen diving head-first into the world of apparel with an equally intriguing fashion line, created exclusively for Designow!

With a contagious energy, a sweet smile and a clear vision, Ruthie Davis – designer behind the highest, most head-turning of heels – is an embodiment of the true American spirit: a glamorous and admirable entrepreneur in every sense of the word, constantly seeking to evolve her brand. In her High Line apartment overlooking the spirited and active Big Apple, Designow’s latest collaborator talks inspiration, design and style favorites.

MY MUSE | Eva Kant, from the Diabolik comics. I was once told I resembled her, so I did some research. I discovered she was a sexy and dynamic woman, which resonated with me.

STYLE IS | playing with proportions to highlight ones figure. Learning to dress to create a personal style can become therapeutic; a hobby that helps you gain more and more confidence.

MY MUST-HAVES | Body-con clothes, mixed with unexpected volume, all while strategically revealing some unique accents. I love playing with cut-outs to create some movement in outfits.

MY FAUX-PAS | Layers and oversized clothing.

MY LOOK | Sleek, minimalist, sexy, but sporty. I could even go skiing or running in my outfits if I wanted to…

TO WORK | Basic pieces, easy to mix and match. For quiet days: skinny jeans, tank top, leather or silk bomber jacket. Or, a sleek black dress with great shoes. I’m big on monochromatic.

MY TOUCH | A gown to the office, maybe mixed with some athletic footwear. I love the concept of “cost for use”: If you buy something very expensive, you need to be able to wear it many times.

COCKTAIL TIME | Black dress, mini or maxi or jumpsuit (from Brandon Maxwell, Self Portrait, Jonathan Simkhai). Never to the knee: it chops your legs up.

A FANCY DINNER | Dress with side cut-outs from Alexander McQueen. In terms of hairstyles: a big bun that highlights the neck. Then, fabulous shoes and a clutch.

TRAVELLING | Like a spy on a mission, luggage is minimal: a black tech suitcase from Tumi and a Givenchy backpack. In my suitcase: various black, white and grey items to mix and match. A pair of my shoes, a mini bag and an outfit to run in.

“MY” HEELS | I think the Ruthie Davis super high heels with platforms are the most comfortable. I feel powerful, tall, sexy – just like Eva Kant. Every girl can be a supermodel!

JEWELRY | My Hermes Apple Watch and a large ring, or small and dainty pendants with hearts or stars. I love rose gold and black silver from graphite or titanium.

BEAUTY ROUTINE | Moisturize, sleep, run and sweat everyday to eliminate toxins from the skin. Touch ups? Maybe I should, but for now my bangs are my Botox. I care about my health and don’t believe in shortcuts. You need to work hard to be beautiful.

BAGS | Balenciaga or classic old Prada, or trendy designs from Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Celine, Valentino. Mini or maxi here as well, nothing in between.

BEST PART OF THE DAY | Waking up, enjoying my coffee, answering my emails, going running, then planning my outfit. I have a lot of fun doing this. As I run, I mentally plan my outfit for the day, experimenting with all sorts of combinations, mixing together all new pieces.

MY BRAND | My idea is to create a fashion brand that produces an entire look. I dream to open my own store that sells exclusively Ruthie Davis, for an area of the fashion market that is yet to be explored. I think of myself as a consumer, and how I can never fully find what I want in the current fashion market. There was yet to be a “spy girl” style in high fashion: feminine, sexy, edgy and young.

…And this is exactly what she created with her Designow collaboration. Bringing in the same themes of silhouette, sleekness and bold designs, Ruthie Davis strings together her fashion industry experience thus far and her impeccable taste to create a must-have collection.

All photos by Cinzia Brandi

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