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Effortlessly meshing sporty-chic with 90s grunge, Alissa Laderer is taking the fashion blogging world by storm. Known in the social media realm under the handle of @MissAlissa, this NYC actress-turned-bloggers’ contagious enthusiasm and unique style (not to mention her eye-catching, funky, and fabulous hair!) set her apart from any stereotype, turning her into an Instagram star.

Alissa Laderer attributes her seamless transition into the blogging world to her acting experience. “Being an actress I always get to be different people, try new looks.” she explains, “that’s what made it so easy for me to transition into blogging where I constantly am trying new things and styles.” Upon seeing her Instagram following begin to grow, Laderer decided to put her style skills to use and start a fashion blog. Though to the public eye these shoots may all appear spontaneous, Laderer explains that there is actually a lot of planning that goes into each of them. “Everything is planned – from the photographer to the location to the outfits and accessories,” she explains, “Each shoot is definitely a product of a lot of hard work.” The structure of the shoot depends primarily on her relationship with the crew she is working with, “I try to work with as many new people as possible.  But I also love when I find someone who is consistent and I can trust – and I will work with them over and over!” she tells Designow. Nevertheless, one aspect always remains constant: Laderer has never used a stylist, styling all her shoots herself. Now, this edgy fashionista is taking it to the next level by designing her very own piece, exclusively through Designow!

With a passion for mixing femininity with male silhouettes and dark shadows – topped off with a “black is the new black” mentality – Laderer draws inspiration from some of her all-time fashion heroes, Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld. She knows just how hard it can be to find something that fits great and looks great (don’t we all?), and is interested in finally being able to create a piece that truly works for her body type.

Owning jumpsuits, overalls and rompers in nearly every style, it comes as no surprise that Laderer’s debut design is exactly that. “I am obsessed with overalls and jumpsuits”, she tells Designow, “and knew right from the start that that was what I wanted to create!” Her pregnancy over the past 9 months definitely did not halt this either, as she claims they made up the majority of her maternity uniform; talk about a cool mom! In her new design, Laderer combines her two favorite things – drop-crotch sweats and overalls – to create her perfect jumpsuit, and we cannot wait to see its “tomboy street-style” vibe in action.

Though this may technically be her first real design, Laderer’s Musical Theatre degree allowed her to take plenty of costuming classes, paving the way for her interest. Even earlier than that, Laderer explains how she remembers “stealing [her] little sisters bed sheets when [she] was maybe 14-15 and turning them into a skirt.” Now, she has plenty of ideas she is hoping to bring to fruition, with the help of Designow. “I never would have been able to design and make this piece come to life without Designow! They have resources that I would never be able to get on my own,” Laderer remarks, “It really is a team effort and its amazing to see it all come to life.” She notes the pivotal role mentorship plays in this process for a new designer, explaining how the project may not have evolved as it did without everyone’s constant input and guidance: “each meeting the piece gets closer and closer to the final product and its so cool to see everyone work together to make it come to fruition!”

Balancing life as a new mother and fashion blogger, Laderer definitely knows the meaning of hard work. “Having a new baby, I haven’t been able to shoot anything new yet.  I knew it would be hard at first, but I don’t think I could have imagined just how hard it would be!  It’s impossible to schedule shoots and really even leave the house with a newborn! I know it will get easier but for now, I am just focusing on taking care of her!” However, she predicts her style will remain the same once she’s able to fit into her old clothes again – “Although, I will admit I should probably get rid of all my spiked boots and huge platforms!” We’ll take them!

Laderer now works with various brands to style their pieces for her blog/editorial, and can be spotted in the November Free People catalogue! In terms of further designs, she adds that “[Designow] has opened up a door for [her] that [she] never would have been able to enter otherwise. [She’s] always wanted to design something, and now [she has] and would love to continue!” We are excited to see what else she has in store. To all aspiring bloggers and fashionistas, take it from Alissa Laderer: “Get ready to work very hard. Create good content, don’t be lazy.  Over-deliver. Reach out to everyone and anyone. Network. Find your voice and be unique.”

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