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Food, fun and fashion: you get it all at Models X Designow’s upcoming event!

Casting Social is open to both male and female models – also doubling as an informal casting – as we are looking for new talent to be the face of our photo shoots.
It also offers models who may aspire to be (or already are) designers the chance to bring their designs to life through our Product Development Program.

Last month, we organized a highly successful blogger’s event, bringing together bloggers and social media influencers as part of an ongoing Designow event series that we plan on continuing to host.

The purpose of Casting Social is to introduce DESIGNOW to the models; we constantly strive to populate the platform with cool and fashionable people such as them. As a thank you for participating, we will present them each with $200 gift cards to use towards a purchase in our Shop. In addition to this, we are also planning to open up our inventory closet for them to choose an item to keep… and hopefully later be spotted wearing through social media!”

Monday January 23rd from 5:00PM to 8:00PM
at the Designow Studio 525 7th Avenue #806

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