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It seems that the theme of this season’s New York Fashion Week was overwhelmingly not just about debuting fashion statements, but more about showcasing political ones. Many disagree with the recently-elected president’s stance on such hot-button issues as immigration, women’s rights, and gender equality, causing an uproar of continued protests country-wide. All week during the shows, countless designers fought back… on the runway.

Every model in the Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger Tommyland show in L.A. sported a white bandana as part of Business of Fashion’s #TiedTogether movement, meant to “make a clear statement in support of solidarity, human unity, and inclusiveness amidst growing uncertainty and a dangerous narrative peddling division.”

Christian Siriano showcased diverse models of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and also included a “People are People” tee designed by Brad Walsh in his runway presentation.

Designer Anniesa Hasibuan featured an all-immigrant cast of models in hijabs. Last year, she became the first designer to present hijabs at NYFW.

Prabal Gurung showcased a slew of feminist slogans on t-shirts.

Creatures of Comfort sent a model down the runway donning a long sleeve “We are all Human Beings” t-shirt.

Mexican-born designer Raul Solis’, whose family is first-generation Mexican, message was clear during his LSR show, as models strutted down the runway donning underwear with “F*ck Your Wall” and “No Ban, No Wall” beneath open coats.

Adam Selman handed out pink “Fashion Stands with Planned Parenthood” pins at the shows in support of a partnership between the CFDA and Planned Parenthood. Over 40 designers joined forces to include PP pins at their shows.

By incorporating bold messages into their collections, they used their platform to make a stand for human rights, equality, and inclusivity, making us proud to be a part of this industry.


All images from Prabal Gurung FW17 Fashion Show

Photos by  Jonas Gustavsson @jonas_snapsalot

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