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THE COLLECTIVE x DESIGNOW is not just another student fashion show. We’re offering 28 talented young designers an unparalleled platform to showcase their work – and ultimately launch their professional career with Designow.


The goal of the Collective? To mentor, develop and promote emerging design talent. Designow believes in harnessing the power of creativity, collaboration and technology to bring our dynamic industry into the future.  The mission of The Collective is to mentor, develop and promote emerging design talent. On April 2nd we’ll toast the next generation of fashion talent from FIT, Parsons, and Pratt as they vie for cash prizes and exclusive design contracts with Designow:


THE COLLECTIVE SEMIFINALIST DESIGNERS: Arissara Ronnakittipisut, PRATT; Annabelle Tok, PARSONS;  James Chapman, PARSONS; Ya-Pei (Grace) Chou PARSONS; Claire Dartigues, PARSONS; Lashun Costor, PARSONS; Glenda Garcia, PARSONS;  Junghan Lew, FIT;  Juyeon Kim, FIT; Julieta Londono, PARSONS; Minh-Chau (Melissa) Tran, FIT;  Joshua Mudgett, PARSONS; Seline Meisler, FIT; Snezhana Paderina, PARSONS; Veronica Lee, PARSONS; Alex Yarally, PARSONS; Doyeon Yu, PARSONS; Vesper (Jinyu) Han, PARSONS; Angelica Green, FIT; Kara Quinteros, PARSONS; Roderick Reyes, FIT; Aaron Burdge, FIT; Aldrian Diaz, FIT; Ginny Cho, PARSONS; Olivia Jing Zhao, FIT; Arna Lisa, PARSONS; Beverly Tu, PARSONS; Doris Sofia Diaz, FIT.



Michael Costello – Celebrity Designer

Sophie Elgort – Fashion Photographer and Philanthropist

Ruthie Davis – Celebrity footwear designer and CFDA member

Naomi Rougeau – Elle Magazine Fashion News Editor

Irina Shabayeva – Designer and Project Runway Winner


Be sure to join us online at, where, for the three weeks following the show, you too will have the opportunity to vote for the Designow Fan Favorite. That winning student will receive a cash prize and have one design from their collection be produced, marketed and sold on Designow. Added bonus? The glow you’ll get knowing you’re helping to support the next gen of fashion talent.


Additionally, don’t miss the Designow Gallery Pop-up, running March 31st-April 6th, where you can catch our exclusive collabs with designers Michael Costello, Ruthie Davis, photographer Douglas Friedman, artist Isabella Huffington, and influencer Marcel Floruss.


After the 2nd, you’ll also have the opportunity to view looks from each of the student collections being showcased in the gallery. Stop by, do some shopping, and be inspired!


Designow Gallery Pop-Up : 526 West 26th Street

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