Fashion, music, and art are always inspiring, but even more so when one directly influences the other. The possibilities of all the varying interpretations that come out of that are endless. I am Rosie Zhong, a third-year Fashion Design student at Parsons: The New School for Design. With my new collection, I’ve been able to merge my love of classical music and fashion.

Throughout my study at Parsons and abroad at Central Saint Martins, I explored the true meaning of design, my role as a designer, and how to make my pieces reflective of myself. My pre-fall collection is inspired by the Fugue musical form, a contrapuntal compositional technique with repeating melodies made famous by composers such as Bach, Froberger, and Frescobaldi. I was also drawn to the work of photographer Harley Weir and had deep interest in the Baroque and Renaissance periods, resulting in this collection featuring billowy, voluminous silhouettes and an air of timeless romance.

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