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Clinic, founded in 2017, lives up to their name. Unlike a wide variety of magazines that have risen and fallen in New York, Clinic centers most of their attraction towards a more psychological hold of their audience. Directed primarily towards the millennials of today, the images and story manage to grasp a young audience in a new innovative way, which (in a wave of smoke and glamour) portrays our evolving perceptions of the world.

A few years back I spent some time at a psych ward as an observer. Saint-Paul Asylum was located in Saint-Rémy, a town in the South of France. There I met the most interesting women, regardless of the reason behind their rehabilitation being unbeknownst to me. Listening to the psychologist explain the place where Van Gogh spent his last few years was enthralling, captivating, shifting my perspective for the better. With both my art and psychology background I began to find ways to meld the two to better understand both sides of the art spectrum. What I witnessed and heard at Saint-Paul Asylum largely influenced my vision for Clinic. The magazine in a way became more therapeutic, delving into a more complex state of mind; to interpret, digest and create art. We want to push viewers to have a more interactive experience, highlighting the importance of thinking outside the box. With this groundbreaking initiative we will be able to get back to the root of all arts, to better understand why people dedicate their whole lives towards it. To allow people to conquer their fears, grow with their material, and foster creativity in young minds.

The magazine will be seasonal; the next issue will be released in the Fall. Working with both a Wes Anderson template and Greek Mythology influence. Despite the separate mediums of both the visual and literary aspects, Clinic Magazine connects on a common ground, in a well-rounded manner of both character and thought. Holding a therapeutic power, whether it be art or something more structured.The overall effect is an electricity flow that leaves the reader captivated.

The magazine is a sigh of relief among the constant stream of information; engaging, forecasting, trending, up to date in the now! We are redefining the millennials through technology, art and fashion. Unapologetically drawing out the full potential of our generation.

Lara Ingileif – Co-Founder/Art Director

Svetlana Blasucci – Co-Founder/Photo Editor

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