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As someone who describes herself as having “stumbled onto blogging” many years ago, Lisa Dengler has certainly made quite a name for herself in the field. Unconventional from the start, Lisa began her journey as a blogger back in 2011 after having taught herself how to code and creating blogs for herself. “I think I had 10 different ones”, she tells Designow, “and eventually started creating content for them.” Despite what we may be led to believe, this fashion mogul did not dive headfirst into the fashion industry right away. She began on a more photography-based path, eventually transitioning into fashion photography, using both herself and her friends/family as models.

Even as a fashion blogger today, Lisa’s unique eye for image and aesthetics sets her apart from the rest. Describing herself as a “visual person”, Lisa attributes this skill to her background as an architecture student, which she believes taught her the importance of design, texture and details – all of which has certainly shaped her personal style, which focuses on small details rather than loud statements to create a timeless and effortless look. “At my core I’m a creator,” she explains, “I see things visually, and so, I always focus on creating beautiful things, constantly exploring and learning, pushing myself to inspire others.” Lisa recognizes that inspiration is a constant give and take, continuously seeking it from the world around her, and then channeling it into her posts. Whether she’s at home in her PJs exploring Pinterest, or in a café surrounded by others, Lisa finds herself constantly able to pull inspiration out of anything. “That’s the best thing about bloggers”, she raves, “we’re just regular people doing our own thing.” Some of her personal favorite sources are travelling, museums, books, or Instagram accounts such as @double3xposure, @taylranne, @joannahalpin, and @jessifrederick.

With that said, blogging is not all glam and glitz all the time. Lisa tells young aspiring bloggers: “be prepared to hustle.” Though she loves her job, she recognizes it is an increasingly saturated market, in which one has to work harder and harder to set themselves apart from the crowd. “Blogging is actually an insane amount of work,” she warns. “We make it look easy and effortless but it’s not.” Lisa tells us how difficult it can be to turn your mind off from blogging, finding herself constantly thinking about it from when she wakes up to when she goes to bed. After her morning coffee, reading, and emails, her typical day jumps straight into meetings, showroom visits, and shoots with her amazing photographer Emari Traffie. She does her best to squeeze in a gym visit or hot yoga class, then jumping right back into editing photos and posting to her blog – all of which require planning earlier on in the day. At the end of it all, she makes sure to unwind with a cup of hot water and lemon, some incense, and looking for more tidbits of inspiration on Pinterest.

As if she didn’t already have a lot on her plate, Lisa claims to have many more projects up her sleeve.  “There’s about 5 business ideas I’m working on right now, so I know there will be tons more! I have no idea where I’ll be living or how many different businesses I’ll be running. But I do know I’ll be happy and just as driven as I am now.” She is a firm believer in the idea that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and though she describes herself as “overly optimistic with time”, always finding herself with less time than expected, she is “addicted to exploring new things” and wouldn’t change a thing about her blogging journey.

If you are trying to find your footing in the industry, don’t be discouraged! Lisa absolutely loves her job, describing it as a “dream come true.” Her best advice for aspiring bloggers? It is about having a voice, a vision and inspiring others – “Find what sets you apart, and go!” With a look and philosophy like hers, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for her collaboration with Designow!

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