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I’ve spent many years of my life collecting things. But it gets to a point where you realize you have way too much stuff. That was always my problem. I fell in love with so many different things, and when time, I could never come to part with any of them. But I moved around a lot. And by a lot, I mean, a lot. I’ve lived in 7 countries over the years, in over 30 houses/apartments. So I started noticing my go-to’s, my favorite pieces, the things I wore and used time and time again. And so, you start reducing. Down to the essentials. It’s a hard task, but in the end, it makes life a whole lot easier, especially as a person like myself, where decision making takes up a lot of time and energy. And as I’ve started creating a life full of essentials, I’ve started noticing what’s missing. The perfect pieces that I’ve always looked for in my wardrobe but were never there. That is what this collection is about. Those pieces you’ll wear time and time again, the pieces you never knew you needed until now, pieces that can be worn countless ways, dressed up, or dressed down. Pieces you won’t get sick of, rather, you’ll fall in love with them more and more as time goes on. Introducing the Lisa Dengler x DesigNow collection. A collection that’s so close to my heart, that have become staples in my closet, that I travel with and wear over and over and over again.

1.   A semi-sheer jacket dress. I have this kimono jacket in my closet that I’ve loved for a very long time now. It’s loose and airy, and falls beautifully on your body. There’s a belt that wraps around your waist to wear closed or open, over jeans and a tee, or over a summer dress. But something was always missing. So, with inspiration of robe jackets, kimonos, light button-down dresses, I created this jacket dress. Made of silk chiffon thats oh-so-subtly transparent, you can wear it buttoned closed as a dress, open as a jacket, or something in between. It falls beautifully on your body, with a subtle sexiness full of grace. Something you could imagine Dominique from The Fountainhead wearing.

2.   The perfect silk cropped cami. Maybe I’m the only one out there who dreamed of having a cropped loose cami, or maybe you all did too. I always loved wearing high waisted everything, but would get so sick of tucking every single thing in. Plus, that would make the tops bunch up weird. And everything cropped I found was always tight (and coming from someone with big boobs, tight clothes aren’t always the best look). But I knew, if I had a cropped loose cami, I could wear it with everything, and layer it under everything. So, welcome to this cami. Perfectly simple in black silk, with adjustable straps to fit, you’ll find yourself wanting to wear this every day, and every night, with jeans, or joggers, or skirts, or shorts.

3.   The comfiest high-waisted underwear. I was never the biggest fan of slips under dresses. They would always slide around and never stay put. I would cheat and wear black shorts and bras under sheer dresses. And then I discovered high waisted underwear. But they were never as comfortable, because they were tight in the weirdest places. So I would always dream of finding the right pair. Or, now, to design the perfect pair. And I don’t know how else to describe these other than perfect. They’re comfortable and sexy and the perfect height. You can layer then under jeans, or under sheer things, or simply just wear them around the house and to bed. With a subtle embossing on the waistband saying rêver (to dream in french), because I truly am a dreamer, and it’s a reminder to all of us that dreams can become reality. Never ever doubt that.

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