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Get to know the latest DESIGNOW collaborator: Eric Christian. An avid traveller, he started his lifestyle blog when he became a Leica photographer and worked with major brands across the globe including Hugo Boss, Grey Goose, W Hotels and more. Eric is drawn to the unexplored, “new people, new places, new experiences — the unfamiliar fascinates me,” he explains.

Travel isn’t all that has Eric’s heart though: he graduated Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s in film scoring and has written music for both Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover. How does this form of art varry from his more visual output? “Honestly, I don’t think it changes that much. You open yourself up to creativity whether those skills are within music or photography. It’s a natural flow really, if it’s forced it will never work.”

Naturally, after his launch with DESIGNOW he’d like to put some more stamps in his passport. He’s felt most connected during his visits to Africa and the Middle East, although he admits he hasn’t made it there as much as he’d like. “Next on my list are Lebanon, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa.”

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