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DESIGNOW couldn’t be more excited to announce our top 3 FIT X DESIGNOW Senior Challenge winners! This challenge was an exclusive opportunity for the Fashion Institute of Technology graduating class of 2018 to show off their visions and skills.

Thousands of votes flooded after each of our designers promoted the challenge through all their social channels. Harnessing the power of social media, self-promotion, and word of mouth, an intense round of online voting began right as we opened the contest all the way through the very final moments.

After voting ended, a group of fashion industry leaders met to judge the designs as well:

  • Ruthie Davis, Fashion & Accessories Designer
  • Sophie Elgort, Photographer & Philanthropist Through Our Lens
  • Kristen Ingersoll, Fashion Editor Harper’s Bazaar Editions
  • Cristiano Magni, President of Cristiano Magni Public Relations
  • Naomi Rougeau, Fashion Features Editor at Elle Magazine

Combining both the online voting and the judges’ scores, the prizes went to:

Grand Prize: Jeeeun Lee’s fashion-forward knitwear

2nd Place: Shakeema Reid’s printed pieces

3rd Place: Khelsea Al-Arefi’s vinyl vision

Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who participated!

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