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It all started with Elsa Klensch. As a kid, celebrity stylist Stephanie Tricola would never miss a standing appointment with her mother to watch Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN. And this was during Saturday mornings, when cartoons and sleeping in were on most kids’ schedules. “This was before internet, so Elsa was the only way to see into the world of fashion: the shows, the trends, the business side.” Tricola knew then and there, she wanted to be part of the fashion industry. Her mother was supportive, but her father warned she’d never make any money.
Fast forward and Tricola is an in-demand stylist working with top names in fashion including Max Mara, Coach, Theory and more. She’s styled ad campaigns for companies diverse as Puma, Saks 5th Avenue and Disney, and dressed countless celebrities including Mary J. Blige, actress Margot Robbie and the cast of the Oscar-nominated movie, Ladybird. No matter the gig, every time she steps on set she is in the same look: a canvas jumpsuit. “It’s become my uniform, and after years of having them custom made for me and people asking where they could get one, I knew it was time to design my own. I just didn’t know how.”
Luckily for Tricola, People Magazine (a regular client) did a feature on her and her signature jumpsuit. The Copy Director of DESIGNOW happens to be a longtime friend of Tricola’s and quickly reached out to her: “I saw your People spotlight. You know, we can make a jumpsuit for you that’s exactly how you’d want it to be.” Tricola jumped at the chance to make her dream design a reality.
Tricola knew exactly where she wanted to add improvements since she’d been wearing this style for so long. First, an adjustable waist to add shape or wear looser, depending on how you want it to fit in the moment. Tricola, who is a mother of two adorable girls, took inspiration from their pants and put this button-adjustable band on the inside. This design choice also keeps things visually streamlined and less bulky on the exterior of the garment. Next: pockets. Lots of pockets. “I used to see other stylists on set with all these clips and tools hanging off them. I knew I needed function as well as fashion, so there’s a ton of pockets for everything I carry all day long. Plus, I included a unique pocket on the back right leg that’s customized to fit a cellphone.” The canvas is pre-washed for a lived-in feel and matte silvertone buttons are concealed with a front placket to keep the lines clean and minimal. That’s part of the appeal too. This jumpsuit looks modern and crisp on its own, but Tricola wants it to be a piece that looks effortless dressed down with chucks or boots, and just as easily transitions to a night out unbuttoned with a necklace. Versatility is key to meet the needs of a modern woman who is juggling a lot — say a successful career, motherhood and now a burgeoning design side hustle? It would appear all those hours spent watching Elsa definitely paid off.

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