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Coco Chanel. Katherine Hepburn. Bianca Jagger. Each of these women is a fashion icon and part of their credentials is they didn’t play by the rules. Gender meant little to these barrier breakers who decided they too could wear the pants. But they also fully subscribed to the lifestyle credo of why limit yourself? In life, as in fashion, you can have it all. They knew a tailored pair of trousers can simply be a canvas to showcase a dress.
Now fashion has once again embraced this mentality, with an extra 2019 non-binary edge. Gone are the days of this is for boys, this is for girls. Unisex has taken over from the runways of Gucci & Proenza Schouler to Ezra Miller and Cate Blanchett on the red carpet, and no one wants to be seen as out-of-touch with archaic gender norms. A dress over pants embraces not only a more is more mindset, but also one of no boundaries. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that layering like this elongates the leg and creates a streamlined silhouette. And it’s easy to personalize. Faver, a boho feel? Layer a floaty midi dress over wide leg jeans. More minimalist? A monochromatic slip dress over straight leg pants makes a striking style statement. However you interpret this latest liberating look, the message you’ll convey is clear: you wear the pants… and the dress.
Photography Jonas Gustavsson

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