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Shoptiques founder and CEO Olga Vidisheva rounds up her favorite finds of the new year from the site’s global network of 5,000 boutiques…and counting.
In the expansive landscape of fashion-centric start-ups whose founders aim to streamline the system, whittling down once desirable design to strictly the bare essentials, Shoptiques’ Olga Vidisheva stands out, not least for the sheer reach of the fashion and home goods e-commerce site which she founded in 2012, but also the impressive road she took to get there. In case you happened to miss her well deserved ‘30 Under 30” mention in Forbes, among others: Vidisheva moved to the United States from Kyrgyzstan with her classical musician mother at 17, knowing only a few words of English. She quickly got up to speed thanks to a waitressing gig, graduated from Wellesley, promptly landed a gig at Goldman Sachs followed by a stint at Chanel before heading to Harvard Business School for an MBA.
After graduation, inspired by a business trip to Paris where she found an incredible pair of shoes in an independent boutique, only to find herself frustrated after returning home and not being able to track down more from the brand online, she set out to create Shoptiques. What started with 25 retailers now includes several thousand and spans 30 countries. With such a plethora of offerings, Vidisheva kindly took a break from her busy schedule to round up several of her faves. And speaking of breaks, like most of us Vidisheva is currently dreaming about a warm weather escape so we’ve got you covered, no matter the climate:
One of my resolutions for this year is a bit more self-care. The Shoptiques editorial team put together this perfect collection of necessities here for a bit of self-love for everyone.

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